Xfinity is one of the very few channels that actually allow you to stream the channels of your choices, based on the package you pick. For starters, they have over 5 packs that you can pick and choose from, each of the packs providing a different number of channels to stream from. For instance,

  1. Limited basic plus internet packs serve 10 channels, the most-watched, most basic ones, along with an internet connection to stream the channels from as well.
  2. The economy is the most basic, content only package with over 100 channels.
  3. The Starter Pack will give you access to over 140 channels and is a good value for the extra money.
  4. The Preferred package will let you stream over 220 channels, and you will have practically unlimited content to stream from.
  5. Premier is the ultimate package available on Xfinity stream, with the option to stream over 260 plus channels, right from one account.

The idea behind having these combo channels is simply the fact that you don’t have to pay for the channels and keep track of your subscription one by one, but at the same time avoid paying for the channels you don’t use, unlike the cable.

Xfinity on Roku

Search for the channel

Step one in installing the channel on your Roku account is searching for the channel. To search for a channel in Roku, please use the Roku mobile application or the Roku remote. If you are using a Roku Premiere plus remote, you can use voice command to search for the channel.

So, go to the Roku search bar, and enter the right keyword. Since we’re attempting to download Xfinity on Roku, one of the keywords can be Xfinity.

You can perform this search and hit enter, and Roku will make sure to pick a few channels related to the keyword you just entered.

After you get the search result, please choose the channel. When you click on the channel, notice that the channel gets highlighted, and you see “…” on the side of the channel name.

Click on it, and from the dropdown, please choose to install Xfinity on Roku.

Activating Xfinity on Roku

So, the next step is to install and activate the channel on your Roku account. To do this, please wait for the channel to download and install itself. It will also look for any software updates for the application, so this installation might take a couple of minutes.

  1. Once the channel is downloaded and installed, you will now have to activate the channel.
  2. To do this, go to the channel application and open it.
  3. When you open Xfinity  TV on your Roku account for the first time, Roku will give you an activation code.
  4. Make note of the activation code, and open on a separate browser.
  5. Now, enter the activation code on to the browser window.
  6. After you do that, you should be able to stream Xfinity  Tv on Roku.

Please check if you can, and if you can’t please let us know and we will troubleshoot your errors.

Xfinity on Roku

Xfinity, as mentioned earlier, is a very good streaming service, and can be streamed from Roku. This is one as good as it gets, since both Roku and Xfinity are best in what they offer, and they provide great entertainment together.

If you have any questions with the installation on Xfinity  TV on Roku, or if you are finding it difficult to follow any of the steps above, visit or please let us know via our toll-free number, +1-820-300-0340

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