Twitch is now becoming more and more popular and has almost become a replacement for the legendary video streaming service, YouTube. Of course, the use case for which Twitch was started is different. While YouTube was meant for pre-recorded videos, Twitch came up with the concept of streaming. People can watch their favorite streamers play or chat with their fans, live.

The application blew up, especially with the introduction of Fortnight. Everybody was streaming fortnight, and the top streamer of the platform, Ninja, became a very well-known personality

Roku, had Twitch application, issued by Amazon themselves. This means that the application can not be downloaded anymore. But there are two important things to notice here. One, the people who’ve already downloaded and installed Twitch on Roku can still keep their channel, activated via The second thing is that there is an unofficial channel application that will let you stream your favorite streamers.

The application is called the Twitched.

How to find the application from the Roku channel store?

Since Twitched is the only or one of the very few applications that will let you stream Twitch clips, the search is pretty easy. Still, be careful to install only the right channel.

  1. Go to the Roku channel store
  2. In the Roku search box, enter the keyword that you seem fit for the channel. The advisable keyword would be Twitch, or
  3. After you do this, please hit enter.
  4. Now, Roku search will bring you a bunch of channels that were relevant to the keywords that you entered. If you want the search result to be focused, please enter a channel specific keywords.
  5. Once you select the channel you want to install on to your Roku account, click on it and select download.

This installation will take some time. The time taken is purely dependent on the connection speed of your internet. Now, you might take a few steps to activate the channel from

How to activate the channel from

Channel activation is pretty simple with Roku. The activation code will be given by Roku, displayed on the Roku TV screen. You will have to go enter the same on to the browser URL. If you have a four digit pin that you have to enter then you will have to enter that as well.

So once you have the browser open, type the URL and hit go. Meanwhile, go back to the Roku device and check if the channel is downloaded and installed. If the installation is complete, then please go ahead and open the channel.

If the channel is being opened for the first time in your Roku account, then you will have an activation code displayed on your TV screen. All you have to do is to enter the same code on your browser window. Once you do that the channel will be activated from

Please do let us know if there are problems with your Twitched installation. Our toll-free number is +1-844-695-1520 and we’re here to help you! Visit for more info.

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