Roku is one of the most sold streaming devices in the continental US. If you are looking for statistics, then here it is. One in six people who use streaming devices is using Roku in the US. There are three main reasons why people prefer Roku to other streaming devices.

These devices are obviously more affordable than any other competitor devices, so that has to count for their sales. The next thing is the availability of over 500000 channels. These channels are not available in most of the other streaming devices, and Roku alone can give you these many channels. The third and one of the most practical reasons for the success of Roku is the ease of setup. To set TV on Roku, it wouldn’t take you more than ten minutes! This alone could be the reason why people want Roku because a lot of other streaming devices have really complicated setup processes.

set TV on Roku

In this blog, we will take you through the setup process of a Roku device, and we will also take you through the process of installing a channel on your Roku device. We will also take you along with the activation of a channel in Roku.

Unboxing the Roku device

The first step of setting your TV on Roku is unboxing the Roku and establish a connection between the devices. While you unbox please make sure that the accessories are available. The usual ones are the Roku device’s remote, The Roku high-speed HDMI cable, and the Roku USB cable. The HDMI cable is to connect the Roku device to the TV, and the USB device to connect the Roku device to power.

So the first step in Setting TV on Roku is done, and the next is to establish the connection between the Roku device, the TV and the internet router. This has to be done manually. So, please connect the Roku device to the TV with the high-speed HDMI cable.

The next thing to to do is to simply go ahead and connect the Roku device to power. Now, you can connect the device to power either by connecting the USB cable to the adopter and connecting the adopter to the power in the wall outlet or by directly connecting the USB device to the TV if you have a USB slot.

This will both power the device up. The next step is to change the input settings.

Changing input settings

  1. Go to the TV menu and search for the option that says input settings.
  2. Normally, TV/AV is the default chosen option.
  3. Now, since you going to set your TV on Roku via the HDMI port, please choose the option to change it from TV AV to HDMI.
  4. If you have more than one HDMI port, then you will have to choose the correct port.
  5. Once you select the HDMI port option, you will start seeing the Roku screen on your TV.
  6. Once this is done, the setup process is almost complete.

What’s left is to connect the Roku device to the internet and login from your Roku account.

Connecting your Roku to the internet

The TV set up on Roku will not be complete unless you connect the Roku device to the internet. For this, you will have go to the Roku menu and click on the network settings. Once you click on the option, you will land on the WiFi option that lists out all the WiFi connections available on the scannable region.

Once you do that, the set up of your TV on Roku is over! Visit and our toll-free number is +1-820-300-0340, if you need any assistance with this!

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