Roku remotes are one of the main reason the devices have such usability. Roku is one of the most popular streaming device because of three main reasons. One, the availability channel applications, two, the affordability of these channels, and finally the usability.

Despite the sheet availability of around 500000 channels in Roku, it is very easy to find a channel in the Roku channel store, and it is possible because of the Roku remote. In this blog, we will discuss in details the features of a Roku remote, and we’ll provide a few possible alternatives that you can use as a Roku remote replacement incase you decide to take your Roku streaming stick on your tour, or if you miss it somewhere.

Roku Remote Replacement

Features of a Roku remote

Being able to control the TV along with the Roku device – This is Roku’s solution for juggling a few remotes all at once to control your TV and your streaming device. Roku Premium +, or higher model remotes will let you control the basic functions of your TV as well. Meaning, you will be able to turn the TV on and off, and you will also be able to put the TV in stand by and tun it on.

Searching – Roku remote is the main reason Roku search is this easy. The device allows you to type in keywords into the search bar so seamlessly, that the search becomes easier. You can even use Roku’s voice command for the search.

Voice command – As discussed in the last point, Roku Ultra +, or higher model remotes will let you speak out what you want, into the remote and execute it. This is one awesome feature that you can use to set reminders for the programs streamed, to search for a particular channel, or to even turn your Roku device on or off. you can even integrate Roku with Alexa and give voice commands.

Private listening – Before we go into looking Roku remote replacement, here’s the last feature we’d like to discuss. Roku remotes will let you plug in an earphone, and listen to the audio from the TV privately. Yes! You can simply connect headphones to your Roku remote, and start listening to the TV audio for yourself!

Roku remote – What I lost it?

Please note that you can not expect every single feature explained above in these replacements suggested.

Universal remote – There are a lot of universal remotes that you can configure for a few functions in Roku and operate the Roku device with it. Again, you can not configure every function there is, but at the very least, you can configure all of the basic functions you would need, like volume, channel up and down, menu and power button. You would need remote code to activate this Roku remote replacement. So, please look the code up.

Roku mobile application – Roku mobile application is the closest you can get to a Roku remote. This is simply because the virtual remote offered by the Roku mobile application has almost all of the functions that you would need to control your Roku device. You will not be able to control your TV, but you can, however, control the Roku device. Additionally, every Roku mobile application inherently supports Voice Command and Private Listening! This is very exciting since not even all the remote models support these two. So, please check the applications out. They are available both for Android and iOS.

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