Roku Error Code 020

The Roku Error Code 020 on the Roku device indicates that there is an HDCP error. HDCP expands for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection, a kind of DRM set in place to secure information piracy. The Roku Error Code 020 happens when a Roku device finds that the TV’s content protection technology does not match the one on itself. Wrong HDMI cables and connectors can also cause it. This blog has the solutions to solve such kind of errors.

Roku error code 020

Roku error code 020

How Can The Users Solve The Roku Error Code 020?

Make use of the guidelines below to fix the Roku error code:

  • At first, verify whether the screen color changes to purple while turning on the Roku player.
  • And if it does, then it was occurred by the HDCP error.
  • Once when this Roku Error Code 020 happens, streaming is disrupted.
  • Secondly, disconnect the HDMI cable from the Roku player and the TV.
  • Ensure to remove the HDMI connector as well, if it is being used.
  • Moreover, turn off the TV to which the Roku device has been linked.
  • Delink its power cord and remove the Roku device’s power cable.
  • Further, relink the HDMI cable to the Roku device and ensure it is appropriately connected.
  • Carry on to link the TV’s power cord and the Roku device’s power cable.
  • Finally, Turn on the Roku device and TV, and the users will find that the error code 020 has been fixed.

Simple Steps To Solve The Roku Error Code 020

  1. Firstly, continue from the HPCP error detected message.
  2. Next, disconnect both the ends of the HDMI cable.
  3. Then, power off or unplug the power from the TV and Roku.
  4. keep calm for some time.
  5. after that, relink both the ends of the HDMI cable.
  6. power on or reconnect power to the TV and Roku.
  7. At last, start watching again.

If this solution works, the Roku error code 020 will disappear, and the users can now happy and enjoying their Roku again.

Want To Know What’s The Reasons Behind The Error Code? 

The following information can help you to know the reason behind this error code:

  • First of all, verify the network connectivity; it is impossible to think about Roku without a network connection.
  • Next, the network must be stable, reliable, and strong.
  • Ensure that the Roku device is updated regularly.
  • After performing the above steps still facing see this error code 020, the users can feel free to call our technical expert squad any time; our experts are always there to assist you.

How To Solve An ‘HDCP Error Detected’ Message Or A Purple Screen?

Roku display can turn into a purple screen on account of the HDCP error. If the Roku player determines that the HDMI link to the TV matches the protection technology, the HDCP, this error can evolve. The related error message with the HDCP is “HDCP Error Detected” with Roku error code 020.

The following instructions can help the users to solve this Roku error code 020:

  • At first, While using the Roku player and suddenly the screen color changes to purple, it indicates that the HDCP error has been recognized.
  • This occurs mostly while streaming the videos.
  • Carry on with the next step on getting the error code 020.
  • Secondly, make sure t disconnect the end of the HDMI cable from the Roku player and TV.
  • After that, power off the TV and then disconnect the power cable.
  • Now, remove the power cord wholly from the Roku player.
  • On the other hand, relink the end sides of ‘HDMI cable’ firmly and tightly.
  • Finally, connect the power cord to the TV and the player and keep calm for these devices to power on automatically.
  • And check whether the Roku error code 020 messages have been cleared off.

If you have any doubts about Roku error code 020 or want to have further solutions to fix the error code 020, then talk with our professional expert squad by dialing the toll-free number  +1-820-300-0340 or visit

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