What is Roku Error Code 014.41?

The users can see this Roku error code 014.41 if password input is not correct or limited settings enabled on the wireless router.

Some Solutions:

  • At first, verify the correct wireless network name.
  • Next, check whether the valid password is being entered.
  • Make sure to remember passwords are case sensitive.
  • Moreover, verify if the MAC Address Filtering enabled on the wireless router.
  • This restricts specific devices to access the wireless
  • If yes, add the TCL Roku TV’s Wireless MAC Address to the wireless router’s allowed list.

Roku: A Gist 

Roku is one top online media player that offers content in TV channels, streaming services, and a lot of other forms. Moreover, physical consoles link to the user’s Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection and output it directly to the TV, Mobile, or laptop.

What Makes The Roku Error Code 014.41 Appear On The Roku Screen?

Roku Error Code 014.41

Roku Error Code 014.41

Further, below are the because of which this Roku error code 014.41 is triggered and listed it below:

Incorrect Wifi details: In most cases, it’s seen that the go.roku.com/wireless error code 014.41 is made due to the incorrect entry of the Wifi password or the SSID. Roku requires a secure Wifi connection for it to work correctly, and if the details have been entered incorrectly, it does not stream videos, and this error is triggered.

Cache: specific configurations are cached by the TV, Roku, and the Network Router that is used to reduce the loading times and to offer a better experience. However, over time these configurations are corrupted because of this error.

MAC Filtering: If the Mac filtering for the wireless router is on, the Mac id for the Roku device may be banned from using the ISP network.

By this time, you would have understood the reasons and why this error code comes up on the screen. We have some list of solutions to fix this go.roku.com/wireless error code 014.41make sure to use it, and then start with the streaming process once again.

Reinitializing Network Configurations

It possible that the Wifi password, SSID, or other settings have not been set properly. Therefore, make sure to reinitializing the Network Settings for Roku and then reconfiguring them.

The below guidelines can help you with the reconfiguration process: 

  • At first, go to the settings menu on the TV using the Roku remote.
  • After that, access System and choose Advanced System Settings.
  • Now, make sure to highlight the Network Connection Reset and press OK.
  • Secondly, key in the code displayed on the screen to start the reset.
  • Next, proceed with the screen guidelines, and the network configurations will be reset for the Roku device.
  • At the restart, the users will be asked to link to a network.
  • Choose Wireless or Wired option based on the
  • And that’s the Selecting of the connection type.
  • And then choose the Wifi from the list of the options.
  • Provide the password for the Wifi and choose the Connect
  • At last, keep calm for the connection to be shown and verify to see if the go.roku.com/wireless error code 014.41 stays on.

Try To Power Cycle The Devices

Make use of the instructions below to power cycle the devices:

  • First of all, detach the Roku device from the console and make sure to power it off.
  • After that, the users must turn the console and the network Router off.
  • Ensure to disconnect them both from the socket.
  • That is, unplug them from the socket.
  • Moreover, long-press their power buttons for 2 minutes while they are detached.
  • After some time, make sure to connect them both in.
  • Finally, link Roku to the console and verify to see if the go.roku.com/wireless error code 014.41 persists.

If you hold any queries or require further solutions for go.roku.com/wireless error code 014.41, then talk with our professional expert squad by dialing the toll-free number +1-820-300-0340 or visit Go.Roku.com/connectivity.

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