For starters, Roku Streaming Devices are extremely expedient and well-organized TV streaming platform that allows the Roku users to experience their relished TV entertainment content without any problems. If you’re one among them who wish to enjoy the freshest and most classic TV shows and movies anytime and anywhere, Roku is your only choice.

If you’re facing the Roku app won’t connect on public wireless network issue, you can fix the Roku issue by following the below Roku instructions in no time. Please stick to the Roku instructions provided in this Roku guide to fix your Roku public Wi-Fi in an easy way.

Steps to Easily Fix the Roku Public Wi-Fi Issue

Roku Streaming Devices are specifically intended in a way to fulfil each and every single Roku TV user’s outlooks. From teenagers to grownups, Roku curates an exceptional gathering of TV entertainment all under a single User Interface of Roku. Just like other TV Streaming Devices, your Roku devices, too, can encounter certain issues. Today, on Roku, we’re going to take a look into fixing the Roku public Wi-Fi issue.

Roku public Wi-Fi Issue

Roku app won’t connect on public wireless network

Your Roku app won’t connect on public wireless network if it encounters the following criteria:

  • If the Roku’s destined public network is weak
  • If the SSID’s IP randomizes constantly.
  • The Roku device has disabled the public SSID due to security reasons
  • If the SSID for Roku device has a false connection.

To fix the Roku public Wi-Fi issue on your Roku Streaming Device, follow the below Roku instructions:

  • Start by turning on your Roku Streaming Device, your Router and your TV.
  • Make sure your Roku associated Router’s SSID works fine even on Public network.
  • Check the Public Wi-Fi’s reliability and security before connecting your Roku to any Public network.
  • Connect your Roku device to the Public Wi-Fi and make sure to check on the Allow always option on Roku Wi-Fi settings.
  • Turn off any other Public Wi-Fi connections obstructing your Roku and proceed to see if the Roku public Wi-Fi has resolved.
  • If your Roku still faces the Roku public Wi-Fi issue, you can try resetting your Roku device
  • Follow the below steps to setup your Roku as a new device.

Resetting the Roku Streaming Device and Setting It Up As New

  • Turn on your Roku, Go to the Roku Settings and tap on Advanced.
  • Now, choose the Reset Roku option and enter the Roku confirmation on screen.
  • Keep in mind that your Roku will erase all content including all Roku settings after confirmation.
  • Your Roku will now restart.
  • After restarting your Roku, follow the on screen instructions and choose according to your own preference.
  • Follow the Roku guide and now connect your Roku public Wi-Fi to your Roku.
  • Your Roku device will now connect to your Roku public Wi-Fi with no issues whatsoever.
  • Advance further into Roku activation to begin using your Roku public Wi-Fi on your Roku.

Unfortunately, if you still face the Roku app won’t connect on public wireless network, please reach us at go.roku/connectivity or call us @ +1-820-300-0340 for an instant fix with all your Roku public Wi-Fi issues in no time.

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