Privacy Policy

The interaction between the website and its users is solely governed by the privacy policy which clearly illustrates how the website or its representatives will collect data from the users. Direct and indirect data collection techniques will be utilized collect commonly required data such as personal details, payment info, device details, locations details, etc to handle each user query and in turn, provide necessary solutions or remedies for the distress.

Personal data

For users who need assistance for Roku account creation or channel account creation, we may ask for some personal details which include and not restricted to the first name, last name, age or date of birth, email address, contact number, mailing address and a password or PIN for the account to be created

Payment data

Credit card or debit card and in some cases, the PayPal account info will help our representatives set up an account or subscribe to a channel or service effectively on behalf of the user and therefore, the website or its support team will obtain such info either through a phone call or through our live chat feature.

Location data

Certain device and channel related functionalities are obtainable only after providing the user’s location in the US and hence the will need this information to process any channel or device related query brought to us by the user

Cookies makes use of cookies to monitor website traffic and hence provide custom-made services to all its users who come to us for different issues and different needs