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CNN has many fans across the globe. Streaming player owners such as the Roku can get when they get CNNgo. Containing several news features, live broadcasts, featured collections and much more, you can download the app from the channel store.

Alternatively, find it under the News & Weather category and add it to your channel line-up. For those who have a login with a participating provider, can enjoy popular news stories from under the Must See and Featured categories. You get to see some modernized versions of the news if you have a TV service from a participating provider.


To activate the channel on the Roku, you have to first add the app from channel store -> CNNgo

Click on it and then select Add Channel -> A code gets displayed on the TV Screen

Go to a computer browser -> choose a provider from the list -> enter the code

Enjoy all of CNN’s original programming, live feeds and latest news after your subscription

Activate CNN Roku -

Activate CNN Roku


Any day, it is far cheaper to watch CNN on the Roku than on cable TV

Definitely, there are many different ways to watch the channel on your Roku other than downloading it directly

You have the facility to cancel online at any time

There are no hidden contracts or fees when you are using the live TV service

All you need is a fairly priced internet connection saving hundreds of dollars each year

Different ways to watch

Hulu with Live TV

  • Stream CNN as part of the 60-channel package, which also includes services such as Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC and much more
  • Compared to other competitors Hulu with Live TV comes with some great value adds such as 50 hours of Cloud DVR
  • There are some local channels available on the lineup as well
  • Stream on two devices at the same time and activate around 38 apps including CNN with your subscription
  • Avail of extra live streams of FX Now, and unrestricted access to the on-demand library
  • To view Hulu originals, you may have to pay around $7.99 + / mo.
  • A subscription for a single month costs around $44.99 to get all the basic channels
  • The service also offers a free trial for about 7 days

Sling TV

  • Watch if you have Sling TV, one of the cheapest streaming services when compared to the cable
  • Even if you have to login with a TV provider, you still stand to save a lot of money when you ditch the cable for Sling TV
  • Add Sling to your Roku according to the plans, either Orange, Blue or Orange + Blue
  • The Blue plan contains a lineup of more than 40 channels, inclusive of CNN; watch the NFL Network, TNT, FS1, FS2, Bravo and much more with Blue
  • There are several apps that you can sign in to for about $5 /mo. – besides, you also get 50 hours of DVR
  • To live stream CNN, Sling TV, is, by far, the cheapest available option
  • If you want to save further, get the Orange Plan that has more than 30 channels encompassing CNN along with other premier providers such as ESPN, IFC and Epix Drive-In
  • There is a 7-day free trial besides discounted offers on Roku devices

Live stream with fuboTV

  • One of the best regional sports network channels, fuboTV features CNN alongside NESN and MSG Networks
  • Another entertainment option, HGTV, is also available along with A&E
  • Get the entry-level package costing around $44.99 /mo. containing more than 80 channels to choose from

YouTube TV

  • There are several major news networks including available on YouTube TV
  • For just $50 per month, you get unlimited cloud DVR and more than 50 channels
  • Some premier channels such as ESPN, TBS, TNT, FS1 & 2 and the USA channels are also available
  • Get the trial for the channel free for at least a week to experience all of its provisions

PlayStation Vue

  • Offering more than 48 channels for users to choose from PSVue costs just $44.99 /mo.
  • Get unlimited cloud DVR – you can record all your favorite programming inclusive of Anthony Bourdain or Anderson Cooper
  • The on-demand section contains a range of political coverage as well
  • With its live TV service, PlayStation Vue comes with a 7-day free trial

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