Fix Roku Connectivity Issues via go.roku.com/connectivity

Roku is one of the most sold, most loved streaming devices, across all of the US. There are many reasons for why people love their reason.  One of the main reasons is the simple fact that they will not need any cords to connect the Roku to the internet, and your TV does not have to be connected to the cable for you to watch the programs in live TV. Make sure the connectivity settings in go.roku.com/connectivity are inline with the settings recommended.

Roku Wireless setup with Go.roku.com/connectivity

  1. If you want to connect Roku to a wireless internet, you will have to set it up to a WiFi.
  2. Setting up the Roku device to a WiFi will require you to establish this connection via TV.
  3. Connect your Roku to the internet by selecting the right network provider from the list of network providers available in the Roku device range.
  4. Once you know which device to connect to.
  5. After you select the internet provider, you will now have to connect to that IP by entering the password.

What are the common error codes that come with go.roku.com/connectivity

  1. Error code 009
  2. Error code 012
  3. Error code 013
  1. Error code 14
  2. Error code 14.10 or 14.11
  3. Error code 14.20
  1. Error code 14.30
  2. Error code 14.40 or 14.41
  3. Error code 14.50
  1. Error code 14.62 or 14.64
  2. Error code 016
  3. Error code 017

All of these are error codes that are related to connectivity. This means that there are some issues that the Roku device is facing while connecting to the internet. These issues can either mean that there is a problem with the router, or the receiver, or event the device itself.

“Unable to connect to wireless network” or “Not connected to the internet”

If you receive any of the above error codes, then there is a higher probability of you getting this message on your screen. Your internet connectivity is limited, and you will have to do a few things to troubleshoot this. The first thing to do is to reconnect the internet. To do that, please forget the connection you’ve already established. After you forget the connection, please refresh the WiFi search and connect with the internet that you want.

Even after this, you might still experience slowness in the internet connection. This means your go.roku.com/connectivity needs troubleshoot. You can follow these troubleshooting tips to get rid of your connectivity problems. These steps will involve rearranging your router and Roku devise positions, disconnecting and re-establishing the connection between these two, and even restarting these two devices. If you need any help following any of these troubleshooting tips, you can get help from our experts and clear your doubts on go.roku.com/connectivity.

Roku not connected to the internet

To bring back network to your Roku Streaming Stick, Roku provides an accessory called AWR, which helps increase the range and strength of the internet reception by the device. This will help solve the problem of not being able to connect to the WiFi or not being able to detect remote movements in Roku streaming stick.

1. Move the devices closer

Since you are connecting to the WiFi, please make sure that you don’t have any obstacles in between your WiFi and your Roku. If there are any, like walls, cabinets and others, please make sure to move the router or your Roku where there is less interference in the signal. This can increase your go.roku.com/connectivity strength.

2. Disconnect and reconnect to WiFi

If you are still having issues with the WiFi, it is better to actually restart your modem. After you remove all the wires that connect from the mode, please wait for at least 12 minutes to resume the connection. While doing so also make sure to forget the network in your Roku device as well, and then connecting it to the WiFi rather connecting it directly.

3. Redo Roku setup

If none of these work, you have little choice but to try and set up the Roku device again, from the scratch. Before putting in as much effort, please check if other devices such as your phone and your computer are able to connect to the internet while being connected to this WiFi. If they don’t experience any issues, please reinstall your Roku device to make sure there is any thing wrong with the setup. On the other hand, if the WiFi isn’t working for any of the devices, then this has nothing to do with Roku, but you’ll have to check with your Internet Service Provider.

Making sure that the internet is connected

  1. Roku lets you test if you have an internet connection, and if you do, it also lets you test the speed of the internet connection.
  2. You can access this by navigating to Settings > Network > Check connection.
  3. The first part of the inbuilt test will let you know if there is an internet connection in place.
  4. Verify the internet connection speed.
  5. The consequential test will always let you know the speed of the network connection

Need help with your go.roku.connectivity troubleshoots?

Our experts are available 24*7, and we’ll make sure to help you with your go.roku.com/connectivity troubles. We’ll help you with almost all the issues that you can face with a Roku device by your side, and there are not a lot out there. Make sure you use the same network connection for your Roku device and TV. This will reduce issues like latency. Let us know your questions, and happy streaming!


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